(Finally) Empty

I buy a lot of stuff, I admit it. Last year I did a big ol’ Body Shop and Bath & Body Works haul and I said to myself “that’s it! No more skincare items until you finish these first”. From that moment on, I couldn’t wait to finish this lot.

  1. First up, the Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask – $18

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

I like this mask, in fact I’ve repurchased it two or three times. It is supposed to soothe and refresh skin, while also improving impurities. To be honest, I read “tea tree” and instantly think “no more pimples!”, which is probably why I initially picked this up. I have great, well-behaved skin, but figured I’d use this to clear up the occasional pimple.

It’s a thick, green paste that is easy to apply and provides the perfect opportunity to pretend you’re Shrek for a little while. It has a very nice, tingly cooling sensation and is fairly easy to wash off.

As I said, I like this mask, but do you ever finish using a product and think “did that actually do anything?”, that’s how I feel about this mask. I would use it on and off, and whenever I had the odd pimple, but honestly I didn’t see any “results” per se.

Would I buy it again?
No. I know, I know, I just said I had already repurchased it a few times…but then I actually took a look at the ingredients and found my good friend alcohol fairly high up on the list. I’m into drinking it, but putting it on my face? Not so much.

2) Next up is the Body Shop Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser – $15

I liked this cleanser quite a bit, but there are better ones out there (I’m looking at you FAB cleanser!). This claims that it removes makeup and daily grime without drying out the skin. It does a decent job living up to those claims, but I did not find it powerful enough to remove hardcore makeup. Don’t expect it to liquefy your full coverage foundation…not in one go, at least.
IMG_0007The hardest thing to get used to was applying this to dry skin. You don’t wet your face first (unless you forget that part and do it anyway…which I did many, many times). I think they also suggest you wipe it away with a cloth, rather than washing it off your face with water. I continued to use water because I’m a rebel. And lazy. And never remembered to use a cloth.

Perhaps I would have found it more effective if I used it properly, so take my opinion with a gain of salt, however I simply cannot get used to not washing my face, using a cleanser, and then washing it off with water. That is what I want in a cleanser.

Would I buy it again?
You can probably guess: no. I don’t love it enough to try and rearrange my life for it. This is also marketed for those with oily skin, which has never been a huge problem for me. It smells great though! Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t bad by any means, it just isn’t for me.

3) The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash – $15
IMG_0011.JPGYeah…I went through a “tea tree” phase. I also have the face wash and a pore minimizer from this line which I have yet to use up.

I find that the Tea Tree Body Wash dries out my skin quite a bit, but it is very effective at treating and keeping away any pimples that might appear on my body. I tend to get them on my chest, but regularly using this body wash keeps them away. When I stop, they come back. So I guess I’m committed now.

I find very little difference between this body wash and the Tea Tree Facial Cleanser from the same line. I find them both very drying, but they both do a good job at keeping pimples away.

Would I buy it again?
Yup! I see myself always having this on hand for the foreseeable future, but I won’t ever be using it daily.

4) Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap – $6.50
Who knew vampire blood could smell so good? I picked this up around Halloween (shocking, I know). B&BW always has deals on their soaps, so I always have some around. The scents are just too wonderful.
Would I buy it again?
Hell yeah I’d buy this again! Heck, I’d buy any soap from B&BW. I can’t resist their seasonally-themed packaging and their amazing scents.

On a side note, I wash my hands about 37939032 times a day, and don’t find these soaps all that “gentle”. But when you wash your hands as often as I do, I don’t think any soap is going to stop your knuckles from bleeding.


So, having successfully finished these items I can now purchase some replacements without feeling immense guilt. And really, that’s the best part of empties isn’t it?


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